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WHAT IS THIS? WHO ARE WE? Just read that down there and you will LOVE us!

This site only presents ONE AD (at a time). You can respond to three questions daily to get real money/vouchers! The ads are showed kind of based on a daily auction. See full description for more details.

Full site description

This site presents only one AD. In order to show your ad on this site, you have to pay more than the one before you. Every morning the current price resets.

Example: In the morning the first price for the Ad is $5, after that, the next one who wants to have the ad on the site, has to pay $6 or any higher than $5.

Something very cool about this site is that everyday there is a quiz with three questions about the ads from yesterday.

Example of questions: What was the last ad of yesterday?(from which company)/How many ads have AdOfTheDay showed yesterday? ...These quizes may have answer options too. You will know if your answer is right "tomorrow". Everyone who gets right the answer will be awarded with money.(The total prize will worth the same as the company paid to put the last ad on the site. Your prize will be "total prize" divided by the total of people who answered correctly. You can also know the total prize for the next day by going to the "See current ad" page and under the ad it will be showed as "Current price:NUMBER")

Ads will only change between 05:00 to 17:00 GMT TIME so the initial $5 price resets everytime it's 05:00 am.

Ads can be an image or a video. They can also be social media posts like a video on YouTube or a photo on Facebook... so this site is very good for anyone.

The last ad from yesterday(the one that paid the most) is the "winner" of the daily auction and you can see the winners at the "see the ad calendar" page.

The last ad from yesterday will appear in the morning too. If no-one else wants to advertise with us... your ad can stay here FOREVER.

If you have questions or you want more informations... contact us. We are here for YOU.

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