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Just send us a copy of your ad and we will talk about the price and the method for payment.

More details

  • An ad can be a video or an image. It can also be from YouTube/Facebook/etc.

  • On the "See now's ad" page, under the ad you can see the current price. You'll have to pay any higher than that.

  • Case example: On the site there is now an ad from "Company 1", Company 1 paid $10 (the daily starting price) for it, but Company 2 wants THEIR ad to be shown then they will have to pay at least $11. Now Company 1 is mad and wants back their ad spot, Company 1 will not have to pay $12 again, instead they will only pay $2 because Company 1 already paid $10. If Company 2 wants to continue the bid, it needs to pay a minimum of $3.

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